16: Feb 2017 #01 - Table of Contents

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February 2017

Issue #16

Cover Art by  Lauren Diehlmann

“I am a bleak heroism of words
that refuse
to be buried alive
with the liars.”

— Audre Lorde


Isabelle Wedin

A Wish   
Maria Wedin

Bonfire Heart   
Kelsey Sucena

Enigma Machines   
Steven Licardi

Carissa Cancel

Escalator handrails   
Chris Capie

Restless Shortcoming    
Juliet Tolley

The Hug    
PJ Carmichael

Jeff Toto

Whatever it takes     
Andres Perez

The Boston Nights    
C.M. Crockford

Joyce Nancy

Dead Star Paradigm    
Mike Jurjovic