16: Feb 2017 #10 - Spider

Authored by Jeff Toto


by Jeff Toto

Whitman’s noiseless, patient spider
How long will you remain content
leaving Fate as your designer,
trusting Chance will catch your thread?

When will you shout into the black,
“Follow this voice, you’ll hit your mark!”
and stop to look and listen for
the other spiders in the dark?

For each and every spinning soul
lost in darkness, far from home,
will hear the promise of your call
and realize they are not alone

Their silken vines will chase your voice,
so pull them close and keep them taut.
Become the bridge between the boundaries
Become the anchor you once sought

Restless spider, rest your head
Patiently receive this thread
Counsel every soul you catch
and to their hearts, your web will stretch.