16: Feb 2017 #14 - Dead Star Paradigm

Authored by Mike Jurkovic

Dead Star Paradigm

by Mike Jurkovic

The worst book I ever read
was written by me a long time ago
when I thought I knew. Now I know
and scribe from that. Freed from
the strangle holds and flooded plain.
Freed from perceived isonomy. Knowing the horse
has left the barn and I'm riding roughshod. Bareback.
An aged horse watching the fillies.

The worst book I ever read
took me years to plagiarize. So blame yourselves
that it didn't sell. I tried to add an action scene
but you stayed hesitant. Unsure. As if the plans you made
were really meant to buoy you forward. As if
the sad song of trains was your only hit. As if
Colossus barred the door.

That's right. The worst book I ever read
wasn't a book at all but a confession. A lengthy screed
you told in the dark. A meek animal adventure
w/commercials about inventing things and how to
double your order if you order now. Free shipping w/o delay.

The worst book I ever read
was written before I practiced
the moral code. When I still harkened back
to old tv for the password. When I could still discern
hunger from envy. Good from evil. Love from lust.

In the worst book I ever read
we all played a part. Sought a leaner scenery.
Midwifed twins from poisoned mothers.
Horded horsepower and coin. Watched the choppers
dark the sky.