16: Feb 2017 #11 - Whatever it takes

Authored by Andres Perez

Whatever it takes

by Andres Perez

Don't you give up.
You are not alone.
Everything that is going on.
All of it.
It is so fucked up.
We know.
Do not despair.
It's not the end.
Not even close.
We need you.
All of us, need you.
Band together.
Fight this evil.
Head on.
Gloves off.
Stop them.
At every turn.
You can do more than you think possible.
Let your voice be heard.
Hold on.
For yourself.
For others.
Shine on.
Light the way.
Nothing can be done standing still.
Watching is a sin.
You are not scenery.
You are courageous.
So move.
Freedom is not free.
Nine to five death sentence.
Life has no guarantee.
Life is not a lease.
If you don't take risks, you cannot create a future.
Strength comes from conviction.
Be true to yourself.
Let empathy guide you.
You can do this.
I believe in you.
Ask yourself.
What are you going to do?
Answer yourself.
Whatever it takes.