16: Feb 2017 #03 - A Wish

Authored by Maria Wedin

A Wish

by Maria Wedin

Someone to look at me each day
as though memorizing my face anew –
as though it were worth memorizing.
Someone as fascinated by the warmth
of skin on skin, by the breezy softness
of fingertips trailing along an arm.
Someone who adores words and fits
her phrases together carefully, like beams
of a house she’d built for me. 

Easy conversations and easy silences.
Whispers and caresses and eyes that light up.
Shivers that dance through the base
of my spine; fingers to cause such shivers.
Touch and taste and words worth
the birthing bangs of poetry.

Off-key duets over the phone and
in each other’s arms.
Lying in the grass together, looking up
at the spaces of sky between oak leaves.
Love that softens gray skies.
Love like the eye of a hurricane.