I Want You To See This Before I Leave: We are vulnerable in that compelling, heart-wrenching admission, but we also open up the door to the immediacy of art and expression. We need to create. We need to connect. 

Remember all of the beautiful ways we can craft experience and emotion through writing. By navigating the space between sound and silence. By loving the questions, the ambiguities, the gray areas. In the rendering of moments, gestures, senses, dreams. Through vision and revision.

Worlds exist within you, searching for a voice, wanting out, asking you to shape your experience into language. Give birth to the words that swarm, create something living where there was once just an empty page. Writing is a physical and revolutionary act. Language can have immense power if you let it. Write with intention. Know your purpose. Before your grand exit, what do you need to say? Think. 

Let yourself write it.


I Want You to See This Before I Leave is an online literary zine committed to giving voice to innovative, progressive, and unique iterations in art and poetry.

We welcome both new and established artists, striving to carve out a safe and supportive space for work to be shared, for art to exist.

The editors are Joyce Nancy, Susan Konz, and Terence Krey.

The logo is created by Christa Zedlovich.

The website is designed by Dana Haugh.