15: Dec 2016 #01 - Table of Contents

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December 2016

Issue #15

Cover Art by Andres Perez



Poetry is a matter of life, not just a matter of language.

— Lucille Clifton


More or Less, Ghosts
Lake W.

Archeology of Pain   
Joyce Nancy

The Procedure 
Isabelle Wedin

to capture a wave in motion
Maria Diaz

Last Thoughts
Tom Leopardi

Time of Necessity
Suzanne Highland

The Dirty Bar
Nancy Mungcal

Johnny Ringo
Mike Jurkovic

grip the moving scion       
Myles Bramble

Imperial Light   
John Carbone

Menstruation Sensation: A Series of Haikus   
Lauren Diehlmann

The Essentials    
Tzvia Hindel

The Field and The Sequence Both Belong To The Potter  
Dan Smith

on the beach 
Derek Smith

Susan Konz

Ulcer Burst 
Stanford Cheung