15: Dec 2016 #12 - Menstruation Sensation: A Series of Haikus

Authored by Lauren Diehlmann

Menstruation Sensation: A Series of Haikus

by Lauren Diehlmann

Today is the worst
Day of bleeding that may bleed
Into tomorrow

Oh diva, my cup
Inside of me you fill up
To the brim with blood

Uterine lining
How do you find the timing?

Always on a trip
When you decide to drip through
Your only exit

Molt vaginal wall
Fulfill your monthly crawl and
Torture your hostess
Superior form of the
Word menstruation
My body tells me
What I need when I bleed. Dark
Chocolate, pills, and sleep.

Feed me dark chocolate
All that you can locate or
You can just fuck off

You have not seen mean
Until you have seen me when
My vagina bleeds

No babies, thank you
For the blood in exchange for
Lack of pregnancy

Out of feminine
Care products making matters
so much worse. Fuck. This.

Curled up and naked
Waiting for the drugs to work
Numb this constant pain

Bleeding for five days
If only it were five days…
I am still alive

Uterine Lining
Utilizing my life’s blood
To renew itself

Bleeding, bleeding, bleed
All day. I don’t know how to
Do anything else