15: Dec 2016 #09 - Johnny Ringo

Authored by Mike Jurkovic

Johnny Ringo

by Mike Jurkovic

He said he wanted to
break up w/her but
she’d just been in a
car crash and was in
critical care. “When do I
do it?” he asked, w/some humanity.
“I dunno, between beeps,”
I said w/o some cos
I’m tired of solving everyone’s riddle
but my own. Cos I just don’t care
anymore. Really I don’t. Everything
comes to an end and
now’s the time. Sink or swim.
Shit or get off the pot and let the next corpse
stink up the room. I can only concern myself
w/myself and that small circle of cohorts and zealots
getting smaller thru homely attrition.
Another goes over the cliff. See ya.
Sayonara. Enjoy the trip.
What do you want me to say?
That we’re all conscientious? Look around.
That we’re all nice people ankle deep
in blood? What? What is there left
to say but bring me a match. Everything burns
no matter how nice
we are.