09: December 2015 #01 - Table of Contents


December 2015

Issue #09

Cover Art by Angie Guevara


“The first rule of poetry is honesty; the second rule is fuck you.”

— Alice Notley

Farryl Last

Mike Goldense

Home, as it should be
Camilo Malagón

Be Good
Stephanie Falkowski

mama, who won
Natalie Schlosberg

Manufacturing Consent
Dan Smith

Autistic Dark
James Kwapisz
Smoke Alarm
Joyce Nancy

In The Forest
Elizabeth Evangeline

Susan Konz

St. Paul
Sean McPherson

A Man Takes His First Bubble Bath in 15 Years
Tim Fitzpatrick

Velvet Shoes in the Rain
Kimberly Gerdjikian

The Cage
Michael Lee (w/ artwork by Keara O'Bryen)

Emma Cohen