09: December 2015 #04 - Home, as it should be

Authored by Camilo Malagón

Home, as it should be

by Camilo Malagón

But I am no longer I anymore,
nor my home is any longer my home
- Federico García Lorca
Home, as it should be
Home, in all its details and its glory
Home, in all its colors
Paris Berlin New York
Buenos Aires Bogotá
São Paulo New Orleans
Home, in all its possible and
Impossible ways
Home, as the navel,
The beginning
And the end.
Home, as in the song
The deep southern humid
Acres of swamp.
Home, as my voice
Home, in all its letters and all its words
Home home home
Home home home
Home, as a chant, as a calling, as a refuge and a ruse
Home, over and over again
Until it stops being home.
Home, and all of its lights, and all its sounds
And its verdant, luscious, treacherous green by the waves,
And its dusty dilapidated buildings casting down their gazes
Home, as in the language
I lost.
Home, as it never is again
Home, in all its ruin-like beauty
Say it with me, just once more,