Angelica Guevara

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Angelica Guevara - or Angie as she prefers to be called - is a New York based artist with a love for the morbid, manic, sweet, and surreal. She received her BFA in Illustration at Parsons the New School for Design.
“I tend to be in a constant state of reverie. It’s both a blessing, and an inconvenience.

At heart, I’m a storyteller. I’m also a vivid dreamer. I receive most of my inspiration from my dreams and nightmares. After a night of intense dreaming, snippets from last night swirl in my head and mutate into a narrative. Whether it be through a comic strip, a graphic novel, a series of paintings, or even a costume, I love utilizing my skills to create the visual components to help tell my stories to people.”
On her free time she enjoys reading, watching cartoons, catching up on her sleep, drinking coffee, blending teas for, getting stuck in trees, and having extensive conversations with her demons. Her nest resides in West Hempstead, Long Island.
Instagram: @lovely_roadkill
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Angelica's original art is featured as the cover art for
our December 2015 issue!