17: April 2017 #01 - Table of Contents


April 2017

Issue #17

Cover Art by Maura Trinder

“Soon it will be the sky of early spring, stretching above the stubborn ferns and violets.
Nothing can be forced to live.
The earth is like a drug now, like a voice from far away,
a lover or master. In the end, you do what the voice tells you.
It says forget, you forget.
It says begin again, you begin again.” 

— Louise Glück


These Days    
Elijah Patterson

Café on New Chardon      
PJ Carmichael

Sonnet of Cities      
Maura Trinder

Jacob Edelstein

The Waves          
Tzvia Hindel

Deep Spring     
Kelsey Timpone

pseudo love for the cynic         
Lisa Iwagami

Rope and The Discipline of Michael     
Natalie Scholsberg

Female Teratology     
Susan Konz

Stephanie Falkowski

Pics or it didn't happen     
Andres Perez

Earth to Echo    
Marie Smulczeski

No Room     
Dan Smith

Joyce Nancy