12: June 2016 #07 - A Tree in the Rain

Authored by Tom Leopardi

A Tree in the Rain

by Tom Leopardi

I watched it rain today
Straight down no wind
Just the sound of the rain beating on the leaves and the ground
And the green wooded railing around the deck

It reminded me of the time I went to Asia
Bangkok Thailand
Hong Kong

Sitting in the bank’s conference room
Looking out the large picture window
Slightly steamed over with humidity
The same room where days before I had dumped the contents of my
      unlocked briefcase
When I got up to leave after the bank manager and his staff offered tea
      and only I said yes
Normally I don’t drink tea
But I was in Thailand and wanted to be polite

I remember reading bank documents in Thai
More gazing at the strange calligraphy than reading
I can’t read Thai
And looking up I saw the rain coming straight down
Through the steamy window making it like a dream
Or looking through dirty glasses

I saw the rain raining into the murky green klong
Making ripples in the otherwise still water
I saw the large old tree
The English bank manager said it was a sacred tree
Half hunched over
Arching over the water
Wearing a gown of pink and green sheets of fabric
Red and yellow
It was the robe the people had offered to the tree
To acknowledge its sacredness