12: June 2016 #06 - Jamaica

Authored by Stephanie Falkowski


by Stephanie Falkowski

I wish I could capture those moments
Like a reel of film
Hard copies and drives
The only way to keep them alive
is to put them into words
They'll stay living in my mind
but start to fade away in the archives
I'll remember the moment vividly
but details will dissipate like that of a nineteenth century painting
If I could play the moment out
in front of my eyes for yours to see
You can't capture a feeling
Just the construct of it
How do you explain
That feeling that can't be explained
That inhabits my belly and swells me up
A string of moments hung like polaroids
The more I see them, the more they fade
Intricacies of images floating to the top of the glass
like carbonated soda bubbles
It's the feeling that never bursts, that never reaches the surface,
that never escapes
It's all the flood of colours that lead
To your face in the pale dark.