11: April 2016 #01 - Table of Contents


April 2016

Issue #11

Cover Art by Natalya Serebrennikova

“But don’t speak of gardens. Don’t speak of the moon. Don’t speak of roses or the sea. Speak of what you know. Speak of the thing that rings in the marrow, that plays in your eyes with shadow and light. Speak of the endless ache in your bones. Speak of vertigo. Speak of respiration and of desolation and of your treason.”

— Alejandra Pizarnik

An education
Megan Chiusaroli

When I Met Gandhi On Your Kitchen Floor   Heather Stai

Joyce Nancy

I Should Never Come Back to New York
Jason Bates

450 DeKalb Ave 
Tom Leopardi

Sam Way

Wrapped in Three Blankets
 Tim Fitzpatrick
How Bold
Stephanie Falkowski
Mike Goldense
the foot rub
Derek Smith
Susan Konz
Beatrice's List of Unanswered Questions 
Elizabeth Sacket
Track List for a Mix Tape I Will Never Give My Crush   
Jessie Lynn McMains