02: October 2014 #04 - An Introduction

Authored by Terence Krey #2

An Introduction

by Terence Krey

Hello there!
Have you met my best friend?
He’s my bestest friend in the whole wide world.
He’s a zipped up black hoodie on a warm August day.
He’s the pint of ice cream that I finish by myself.
He’s that song. You know the one. The one with those opening chords.
He’s your journal, full of song lyrics and quotes that are not your own.
He’s a stay in on a Saturday night because it feels better to be alone.
He’s the he that I wish was a she but I’ll keep it a he because I’m afraid of intimacy.
He’s the voice that hates me for rhyming in the above line.
He’s telling me not to say what I mean because that’s ridiculous.
He’s a blank stare, an empty promise, an inability to connect.
He’s a really swell guy, and I hope you end up liking him.
Because he’s not going anywhere.