12: June 2016 #14 - Lleana

Authored by Susan Konz


by Susan Konz

Her blonde hair perfected
down my shoulders

as my head snapped back
his push incendiary – Her like

like me but blue eyes water
& glass black pupil grown wide    When

she rolled out on blue
mats for naptime that big crystal

            eye open our secret – her head
            horizontal ship sailing off
            the edge of the flat world asking –
            am I asleep yet

My head snapped away the burn
his palm leaves             Why is she not here

with me never here
was there no promise

More roman
candles than girls we weren’t built
to last    I can’t see her swan spark

anymore or know I remember right
that first time set going clean off &

for what
My head is our secret       
Now our
bodies      let us find out where

they go
            how they bend and arc
            start to dissolve off from the center
once sent blind shaking
ascent into