12: June 2016 #10 - I Probably Shouldn't...

Authored by Terence Krey

I Probably Shouldn't...

by Terence Krey

I probably shouldn’t feel this way.


I probably shouldn’t get anxious
Every single Sunday evening
Like a ninth grader who didn’t study
Even though, I always studied  

I probably shouldn’t be affected
By Metallica’s “Fade To Black”
But I like to feel angsty, and
Life, it seems, will fade away

I probably shouldn’t get afraid
When my phone rings
And it’s a number I don’t know
Or worse: it’s a number I know

I probably shouldn’t have thoughts
That everyone I know is out
Thinking that their lives
Are so much better than mine

I probably shouldn’t miss you
With that home we made together
Because I loved breaking it up
And it felt good to fall apart