18: January 2018 #14 - Explosive Engineering

Authored by Sonya Cheney

Explosive Engineering

by Sonya Cheney


Crush her: 
make plans, get hopes up, 
tell her you found something better 
(someone better). 

Make sure you've ground the alliance you grew 
into a fine powder. Mix 
two parts inconsideration with 
one part concern—manufactured will do; 
don't worry about purity. 

Tamp down on her feelings and layer 
with your own. Line the shell with 
backhanded compliments when she's getting too confident; 
if she thinks she's the fat friend, then 
she can't ever be too sure of herself. 
Twist the lid on and seal it shut with tears collected in 
sleepover confessions 
she felt safe enough to share.

If only she knew the weapon she gave you.


Lob her into the crowd,  
walk away.
Don't look back.