10: February 2016 #07 - Where did you go?

Authored by Andres Perez

Where did you go?

by Andres Perez

"What band are you here to see?"
There is this fleeting sense of purpose within this, my tempered vessel.
"ID please"
Like the last stages of a dying star.
"Hey! How are you?"
I collapse within myself.
"You look so different, I haven't seen you in forever!"
Shrinking mass, I am but a gradient dwarf.
"Are you still working for that place?"
The lights are dimming.
"Oh wow, okay hey let’s catch up soon I'm just going out for a cigarette"
The cold wraps her arms around my waist, whispering in my ear her lustful intentions.
"What will be?"
Gravity calls to me, yanking on the strings sewed to my cells.
"That's twelve even"
Pulling me far into that deep space.
"Okay guys let’s give a warm round of applause..."
There I am.
Corralled into position.
Watching in desperation.
Floating in a pool of vacillation.
Far too numb to move or speak.
Everything warping around me.
I think it's time for me to go.