10: February 2016 #15 - City Girl

Authored by Emma Cohen

City Girl

by Emma Cohen

City Girl I know you
know you get anxious
when you're up in Mendo and you think
"are they gonna come for me?"
and you might love feeling that way but also
but also but also
how many lives do you get? and
wouldn't it
wouldn't it wouldn't
it be nice just to prove that you didn't
have to run anymore?
that you don't have to run?
City Girl you learned how to make nature
when you were a child the trees are
in you the names of flowers and the birding
here is damn good and that matters that
matters that matters to your parents to your
parents City Girl cycle out
when the distance grabs you by the throat
of your hair
and throws you throws
you into a yurt into a tent into a
cabin throws you giant hand and you
are a football on a breeze otherwise
otherwise your ducks in your spot in front the dog run
in front the dog run is still water the curve of the earth