03: December 2014 #13 - The Woods

Authored by Joyce Nancy

The Woods

by Joyce Nancy

In dreams I save us
from relentless wolves
as if wishing
could sanctify the forest.
Relentless wolves
crouch, waiting.
I could sanctify the forest
but it may come to murder.
You crouch and wait
holding your breath for dawn.
If it comes to murder
I know you will forgive me.
I hold my breath for dawn;
with the darkness, the danger recedes.
Please forgive my fear,
I’ve built a fortress in the light.
The danger recedes as darkness eases.
Deep in the dense woods
my fortress made of light
will protect us for a little while.
But deep within these woods
the predators grow hungry.
I can only protect us a little while.
My promises are loving lies.
The wolves remain hungry
as the dream creeps away.
I lie because I love you
as if wishing could save us.