Katherine Iwagami

Katherine Iwagami.jpg

While Katherine’s body temporarily resides in a suburban, lush-in-your-face, breathe-deeply-and-take-it-all-in humid, forest pocket nestled outside of New York City, her thoughts swim in reminiscence of snapshots from her travels to the beaches of Málaga, eating animal style burgers with uni friends and assembling femme fatale worthy outfits from lamé gold scrap material and black tulle.
She has an affinity for the Paris fashions of the 30s and 70s, the smell of lupine flowers and Marchesa Luisa Casati.  
Katherine’s most satisfying experience thus far, was writing her undergraduate senior thesis entitled, “Plague Doctor’s Prescription or Kaleidoscopic You,” a collection of word compositions exploring matters she tends to gravitate towards: desire, deception, racial and gender identity and expression, music, muses, metaphysics and always, the illusion of you.
She can be contacted at kiwagami50@gmail.com


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