Dave Harris

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science fiction • cyberpunk • apocalyptic non-fiction

There once lived a human being who left for places that were unknown, dangerous, and unforgiving. Through the horrors of extreme social isolation, much pain, and personal sacrifice; This person, who has gone beyond the limits of mortal endurance, but with god-like strength persevered against multidimensional threats; The very fabric of Space-Time at stake; Phase-shifted away from anything that a person in normal space could understand as reality.
At the forefront of, the edge of, the human experience and what more The Human Condition; This brave human being single handedly saved the human species from certain doom through sheer will alone from circumstances and entities still not fully understood.
As he struggles internally to find meaning, the meaning of life, he moves aimlessly through time and space; Walking in the desert, losing himself with every step; Time and Space having lost meaning whatsoever. Transcendence.
Check out his book Unrestricted Psychological Warfare

He can be contacted at supernothingman@hotmail.com

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