Dan Smith

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fiction • poetry

Dan(ny) Smith is a self-absorbed elitist whose occupation as a career Retail Slave has led him on a perilous journey that has currently stopped just long enough to haunt the city of Charleston, South Carolina.  Seldom seen and even seldom-er heard, Dan writes down epiphanies about repeated failures both old and new, and his (currently passive) ability to control the weather. 
Somehow, despite his endless scrutiny, overwhelming criticism, and multitude of existential crises over whether or not it's even worth committing pen to paper (and the inherent fear of permanence therein), once every ten years Dan musters up the fortitude to share something he's created, which often results in a debilitating blow to his already fragile and shattered self-perception.
Either all that, or he's just the mirror you never wanted. You choose. Keep choosing every day.

He can be contacted at mynameisreallydansmith@gmail.com

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