13: Aug 2016 #05 - seeds that sizzle

Authored by Olivia Hu

seeds that sizzle

by Olivia Hu

you plant seeds in her belly and wait
for flowing sprouts to dance gentle ballet
tender branches to hold soft sinuosity in plies and arabesques.
they beg for you to caress them, tiny buds of soft flesh
cottony silk sprung out delicately
work of art auctioned paramount price.
you wait for fleeting songs of serendipity and soft whispers
hairs curls bounce like pillow feathers and smiles like celestial rays,
you wait for this 
you planted seeds in her belly and wait
but her sprouts shoot out in fervor
erupting unforgiveness spills in hotness 
filling her insides like bitter chocolate.
branches curve in jagged lines, no fingers lie on distorted bark
blazing flames sizzling yet
no one buys danger at an auction.
ear-piercing violin, whispers that leave scars in your ears
hair thick like smog and smiles that push lightning off clouds,
you didn’t get what you wanted
but fires aren't lit to be put out