13: Aug 2016 #07 - I Was Given a Name

Authored by Andres Perez

I Was Given a Name

by Andres Perez

Before I was here,
I was left hanging,
Naked and undone,
Dangling in the mischief of malicious company,
Floating in the radiation of a
I swung there, 
Eyes watching,
Fire licked the surface of shadows,
Illuminating treasures buried deep,
Honesty our modern relic.
Empathy a jeweled curse.
Loyalty a forgotten language.
Pleasurable paths all seeking.
Beasts mouth the devils language,
Unashamed of my desires,
I moaned aloud,
The fibers around my neck loosening,
Arms reaching for branded flesh,
Passed around the coven,
They took me,
Piece by piece,
Each whispering their saga into the textures of my mind.
My body trembling from the tremors they unleashed,
As I gasped,
As I came,
They smiled wide,
They nurtured me,
They gave me a name,