06: June 2015 #11 - YOLO

Authored by Stephanie Falkowski


by Stephanie Falkowski

Waking up at 6:30am is hard to chew
When rushing to sit at a desk for 7 hours is what you do.
The eyes are heavy and the throat be tired
It’s just not right to be ready and wired.
Count the time till ten o’clock
When you get your first sip of coffee
And can actually start to talk.
Plug in, tune out - time to listen to today’s beats
Find new artists, swipe, shuffle, eh…  repeats.
Dance in your chair, trying to get pumped
12noon around the corner, don’t want to get dumped.
Gym time is now and you muster your way
Amp up the energy, c’mon legs, anytime today.
Caffeine at a high always on the way back
Scarf down your lunch before 2pm, or should I say snack.
And then you crash and feel like you’re back at the start
Half of your day left, good lord don’t fall apart.
Send a bunch of texts, look at Facebook for the umpteenth time
Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, hey maybe create a rhyme.
Hm, what quotes of poetry strike you today?
Cheryl Strayed, Mary Oliver... Fuck it, R.M. Drake all the way.
One hour left, maybe take a walk
Hoping subconsciously to run into you
And not blatantly gawk.
Snapchat your depression or euphoric joy
Almost 4pm – oh boy!
Time to buy dinner and rush to yoga class
Try not to think of you - Eka pada, what? I’ll pass.
Cry in the car, shower your day away
Eat and watch reality TV even if it’s cliché.
Passing out for the past hour, it’s almost midnight
Alone, as usual, peace out world – tomorrow’s another fight.