06: June 2015 #13 - BFE

Authored by Sean McPherson


by Sean McPherson

When we finally arrive
I’m relieved
To step out of your truck
And let the sun melt away
That AC crust
           I’ll take off my shirt
          And about-face
          To take a leak
Wind turbines
Stand completely still
Screaming the word
And marring the view
Of the peaks sitting
Off in the distance
           I’ll look up at these
          Giant mistakes
          And think of the 
          And all its dams
We pick up
Dinosaur eggs
And crumble them
In our hands
          You’ll crack a joke
          About superhuman
         That makes me
         Laugh and jealous
You can hardly tell that
Only two years ago
Wildfires tore through
This entire region
         We’ll decide the only sign
          Is that the ground is black 
         Where it used to be
I squint
And wrinkle my nose
When it hits me that
Where I thought 
I’d feel free 
I actually feel 
More than ever
The fact that I’m not
          We’ll sit on the tailgate
          And trade stories
          About our dads