10: February 2016 #12 - Beach Haven Dreams

Authored by Stephanie Falkowski

Beach Haven Dreams

by Stephanie Falkowski

 I dreamed so much
And I ran so far
The sea had swallowed me whole and spit me back out
Countless times I tumbled in the murky water
Crushed by the weight of the relentless waves
I laid on my belly crying mommy, mommy!
I’d only drifted a few feet
But it seemed so far
You’re okay, she said
I always went out with daddy, as far as we could go
Steph, this one, this one! he would yell encouragingly -
Relentless, I kept getting up and diving back in for more
Carried by the current
I yelled for her to come in
But she stayed ashore
My sister kept swallowing water
Though I told her to breathe correctly
Her giggles prevented that
Her little round face and white blonde hair
Scrunched up nose and tiny body
I adored her
Perhaps my perfection was to protect her
Perhaps all I ever wanted was someone to protect me
All I saw was dirt
All I heard was muffled nothing
My bathing suit full of sand
Grandmother’s waving from land
I had conquered something that would never yield
I didn’t fight it
I know I was scared
But daddy got my splinters out
Mommy untangled my hair
I dreamed so much
And I ran so far