04: February 2015 #04 - Natalie

Authored by Sean McPherson


by Sean McPherson

At night
The bedroom walls
Glow naked;
The blinds are cramped
And blue light pours in
But she sleeps soundly.
In her last apartment she asked
Me to tack up the world;
I was tempted to place it crooked
Or upside down
But didn’t.
My days with her
Are few but always
Paint pulled
Like an oar
Into the pores of an
Active sponge
And filled like her heart
With Olympic potential.
I disrobe within eyeshot and
Feel as an athlete before Eakins:
Ready to be rendered
A champion at rest.
Te escribo estos versos
Veraniegos porque
Eres una rodaja del sol
Que me besa
Me siente
Y así me entiende
Sin poder ni tener que

I write you these
Summery verses
Because you’re a slice of sun
That kisses
And understands me
Without being able
Or having
To read me.*

*Translation of last stanza