04: February 2015 #09 - #11

Authored by Stephanie Falkowski


by Stephanie Falkowski

Big blocks of ice embedded under my skin.
Glaciers, slowly melting down my right side.
Pounded and chipped at with ice picks.
The conglomeration of plasma pools open.
A fiery fingerprint rippling out on the sheet of snow.
Back side finally taking the fall.
Beat the leg, beat. Like the drum. Dum. Dum.  
I gush open blood to the moon and her light.
Finger shoved in, feel the warmth of the walls.
Skin so soft, stomach so flat.
Like an amoeba under water, I expand and contract.
Arching, aching. Exploring.
A clenching creature in a sea of sheets.
Alone. Aimlessly floating.
Take me under. Break the glass.
I can’t walk.