05: April 2015 #11 - I'm Not Dying Today

Authored by Stephanie Falkowski

I'm Not Dying Today

by Stephanie Falkowski

Yeah, you’ve let yourself go
The commonality of a relationship
Slight belly, thick-rimmed glasses
Plaid sweaters – Prof, when do you teach classes?
Yeah, you 2 look happy- Hooray? Let me not get sappy.
The promise ring you gave me is somewhere in my dresser
Yeah, we got their blessing but knew we killed the messenger.
You’re 1 out of the 5 people that’ll laugh at my jokes.
Somehow your body stopped doing it for me
I won’t deny; I needed to be loved by bigger folks.
You’re scraping ice off the car while I’m trying to get warm
I’m sitting where her ass has sat, yeah this is the norm.
You’re asking about my love life and I repetitively say:
“Non-existent, vacant, who wants my cray?”
Oh, but my life is full of adventures and yoga and friends
Maybe I need more loving instead of backbends.
I’m telling you I think I need medication and you don’t get why
Boy, my dear boy, don’t make me cry.
You say I’m too skinny and ask if I’m okay.
Yeah, I just don’t eat meat and to answer your question I’m not dying today.
Perhaps you provide me with comfort, with a sense of home.
But I know someone’s out there
Who’ll contour my body and sing with me OM.